Meilin Business Consulting

About us

Changsha Meilin Business Information Consulting Co. Ltd, is a service company operating in the heart of China with its headquarters in the Hunan Province, integrating Italian and Chinese skills and competencies. Meilin offers an entrance platform to the Chinese market guaranteeing technical assistance and commercial, institutional, industrial, and educational planning.

For long time Meilin partners have been working on the Chinese market, functioning as a bridge between Italy and China, a service of intermediation and development essential for companies to minimize the cultural, informative and operational gap.

Through a flexible and dynamic structure that guarantees a constant presence in Italy and China, Meilin provides a qualified experience in:

  • Technical and commercial assistance to companies

  • Planning and development of industrial and technological relations

  • Organization of platforms for the institutional and commercial exchange

  • Attractiveness of investments

  • Learning opportunities on the Chinese market

Using the office in Changsha as a base for the development of internationalization strategies, Meilin provides its partners with a consolidated network of relations with Chinese and Italian private and public entities, a system that makes the company the ideal entrance platform on Chinese market.